About Us

Instant Domain Check (IDC) is a web utility to check Domain Name Availability for various TLDs and CCTLDs. At IDC you just start typing a domain name and it will start showing availability along with quick links to Whois information, Alexa Rankings, Go to site, Search Keyword and Register etc. Often it happens that a name doesn't strike you, at IDC we make list of names that are being searched by other users available, so that other users can refer to them. Whether available or registered a user can view them. A user while searching domain names can choose an option to not to show the domain names instantly that he is searching for (only if they haven't been searched already).


  • Often we search domain names but are not able to find the one which we are looking for. Here, you can search the same name on many TLDs.
  • Many a times it happens that we don't know which domain name is more suitable. Here, you can view what other domain names are being searched. So, that you get an idea that I could go for this domain name as well (in other TLDs also).
  • More over you can view available domains searched by others and view domains stats.

Do you like a Domain Name from our list of searched and available names. Are you going to register a searched name in some TLD or going to register an available name listed here then please consider to Hug Us (Help Us to Grow).

How To???

  1. Type the Name you want to check
  2. Do not type any extension
  3. For faster results, choose a particular TLD from top


Please note that we do record/save the domain names that are being checked here. But we do not guarantee that all domains names checked here are recorded/saved.
We do not guarantee any availability shown and authenticity of the result.